Call for Hiker Submissions: Perspectives From and For 2020 Hikers

Hello Hikers!

I’d love to put out two episodes in December for the upcoming hiker season and I need your help!

First: I need those who are planning a thru or section hike of the Florida Trail in the 2019-2020 hiking season to submit their initial thoughts on what they perceive the Florida Trail to be–their biases coming into the hike, worries, excitement, anything that you want to share about coming into this trail prior to your hike, this is your time to share! If this goes well, there’s potential for there to be a follow up episode in the spring comparing your pre-hike thoughts to your post-hike thoughts and maybe a few of you will be able to come onto the podcast for a full episode!

Second: Have you hiked on the FT before? Are you already familiar with the trail? I’d love to hear your advice to incoming hikers—what they should or shouldn’t worry about, your favorite resupply points, good places to eat in trail towns, side trails they shouldn’t miss, or gear they need to consider carrying. This is where you can help hikers out with tidbits of information they may not be able to glean from elsewhere.

To submit your entries for either one of the episodes, you can record a voice memo on your phone or record a short video and send either one to orangeblazepodcast at gmail dot com. Alternatively, you can also leave a voice mail at ‪(832) 780-9819‬ with your information. Be sure to leave me information on how to contact you at the end in case I need clarification for anything. And keep your recordings to 1-3 minutes in length—they may be edited for clarity or length if needed.

Thanks! I hope there is a lot of participation—and if you know someone who is planning a hike this winter, get the word out by sharing this episode with them!

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Music: “Breathing” by Lee Rosevere

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