9: Angie ‘Shutterbug’ Vasquez | Girls Who Hike FL

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REMINDER: Ok, hikers! Here’s your chance to participate in an episode of the podcast. I would love to put together an episode for January, kicking off thru-hike season, with an episode of you, the hiker/listener. . What: a 1-3 minute snippet of you talking about your upcoming hike (of any length) on the FT, your love of the FT, or any favorite or interesting tidbit about your favorite section or trail or previous hike. You do not need to be a long distance hiker to participate. . Where: email me a voice memo to orangeblazepodcast at gmail or leave a message on my Google Voicemail 832 780 9819. . When: by December 17, 2018. . Helpful hints: write out what you want to say and practice it a couple of times before recording or calling. At the end of the message let me know how to contact you if there are any problems. That part won’t be in the episode. Feel free to share online handles for people to follow your hike if you want. And DM if you would like more information! . Hope your participate! . #floridatrail #longdistancehiking #thruhike #floridahikes #hikefl #junipersprings #juniperrun #ocalanationalforest #centralflorida #wildfl #trails50 #orangeblaze #naturalflorida #scenicflorida #hikingtrails #sheexplores #hikertrash #sleepinthedirt #paddleflorida

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Music: “Breathing” by Lee Rosevere

Show Notes:
+GirlsWhoHikeFL Meetup Page
+Angie’s Instagram Account
+@GirlsWhoHikeFL on Instagram
+GHWFL Virtual Hike Challenge
+Excursions by Angel

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