18. Dale ‘Greybeard’ Sanders – Hiking, Paddling, and Epic Adventures at 80

Music: “Breathing” by Lee Rosevere

Show Notes:
+GreyBeard Adventurer
+GreyBeard Adventurer on Facebook
+An 82-year-old man hiked the entire Appalachian Trail. Then he danced a jig. via the Washington Post
+Meet Tennessee’s Grey Beard Adventurer via Southern Living Magazine
+An 82-Year-Old Broke the Appalachian Trail Age Record via Outside Magazine
+#190 The oldest person to paddle the Mississippi River via Mountain Meister Podcast

One thought on “18. Dale ‘Greybeard’ Sanders – Hiking, Paddling, and Epic Adventures at 80

  1. Really enjoyed this podcast. I have been very inspired by Dale when I found his page while he was hiking the AT. Been following ever since. Enjoyed his hiking adventures this year on the trails in FL, hope to venture back down to check out parts of it. For now, we hike sections of the AT & in the near future, I am planning to be able to hike a little with him once he comes back to finish the section from AL to Springer Mountain. Your Podcast made his hiking adventures alot more personal and I learned a few things too. Thanks for interviewing him. 🙂

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