67. Thru-Skating the Florida Trail | David ‘Moondog’ Roop

Several years ago when Alex Fogt took his skateboard along on his thru-hike of the Florida Trail, he inspired several people, including David ‘Moondog’ Roop, to use their skateboards along the road sections of the FT. That inspiration led David to embark on his first ever thru-hike, including building his skateboard for the hike and learning to skateboard in the process of it all! Hiking wasn’t new to David but thru-hiking was and he found what so many of us find during a first-thru hike, that he loved it and wanted more. In our conversation we talk about all of this, of course, but how he’s made van life a choice in his day to day life and not in the manner most of us envision van life to be. David’s an engaging hiker and I know you’ll enjoy what he has to say about his hike and laugh at some of the antics he got into along the way.

Music: “Breathing” by Lee Rosevere

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