70. Saving Split Oak Forest – REPLAY | Valerie Anderson

Split Oak Forest

This episode originally aired in December of 2020. At that point in time it seemed as if Split Oak Forest may have some time before it was decided if a toll road would be built to split the park in two. Unfortunately that time was shorter than expected and the vote to go ahead with the plans for a toll-road has taken place despite overwhelming support to keep Split Oak Forest in-tact and continue the premise of conservation it was given in the 1990s.

Music: “Breathing” by Lee Rosevere

Show Notes
+Friends of Split Oak Forest
+An In-Depth Look at the Split Oak Forest Vote via Orange County Commissioner Nicole Wilson’s YouTube channel
+Despite opposition, Florida board OKs Split Oak Forest road project
+Environmental group to fight state agency’s approval of toll road through Split Oak Forest
+Plan for new Central Florida toll road would split Split Oak Forest, a treasured park

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