71. In Pursuit of the First Women’s Supported FKT on the Florida Trail | Amy Ansbaugh

Ultrarunner Amy Ansbaugh together with her crew chief and partner Dani set out to set the women’s supported FKT along the Florida Trail, with a western corridor focus, earlier this year. Amy’s long history of running and the challenge to set a women’s record on the Florida Trail originally enticed Amy and her sister Kitty to attempt an FKT of the trail. When Kitty bowed out due to injuries, Amy decided to continue alone with Dani navigating all of the issues that come with being the support person for someone attempting an FKT. While the official FKT is still in limbo, Amy is proud of her accomplishment, especially coming from a non-backpacking background. Amazingly, Amy spent every night in the comfort of her and Dani’s converted school bus, which Amy admits may have thwarted some of her time spent on trail due to the logistics of getting to the trail and back to a campground every day. I especially loved hearing Amy’s unique perspective of the Florida Trail, with the running background, the alternative FKT route, and no experience on a long distance trail prior to this FKT attempt. She handled various hurdles with grace and still managed to cross the finish line at Fort Pickens!

Music: “Breathing” by Lee Rosevere

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