78. How to Thru-Hike the Florida Trail

After our 2011 thru-hike I wrote a post on my blog detailing some of the more important notes needed for thru-hikers on the Florida Trail. There wasn’t a lot out there at the time on social media, though there were Trail Journals and the books produced by Sandra Friend—there just wasn’t the community in 2011 that there it today. That said, I think this episode is long overdue and should have been one of the first episodes I produced when I started the podcast. If you have questions about hiking the FT, I am always here to answer questions and point you in the right direction!

Music: “Breathing” by Lee Rosevere

Show Notes
+How to thru-hike the Florida Trail – the original blog post that is the basis for this episode.
+Florida Trail Quick-Tips from LB Hikes
+Florida Trail Hikers Facebook Group
+FTA.org thru-hiking information

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