15. LP ‘Lil’ Buddha’ Kiatoukaysy

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Music: “Breathing” by Lee Rosevere

Show Notes:
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+Lil’ Buddha’s Trailjournals
+Lil’ Buddha’s Postholer Journals

One thought on “15. LP ‘Lil’ Buddha’ Kiatoukaysy

  1. My favorite episode to date! Listed on my way to and finished on my way home from the ONF. One observation I made to Water Bear is that we felt a little sad for thru hikers because they don’t to see sections change over time. Ocala is a beautiful section. We have hiked right before as well as right after burns and each experience is unique. The more you learn about the forest, the more you learn how important the burns are to the forest as well as the animals that live there.

    As far as his treatment at the 88 store, that is heartbreaking. I would like to say it has changed, but not much has in that neck of the woods. Diversity is getting stronger though. It will come with time I guess.

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