25. Jeff Glenn | North Florida Trail Program Manager FTA

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✨🐻The FTA and the USFS Sponsor Free Bear Canister Rental in the Ocala National Forest🐻✨ —————————————— Florida Trail users can now rent bear canisters at no cost for overnight trips along the trail. There are currently twenty bear canisters (10 liter Backpackers Cache 812 model) at the Buck N' Bass Sports Center in Salt Springs that are ready for use. The Buck N' Bass is a very friendly place that welcomes hikers and is proud to participate in this program. This program is a direct response to negative encounters between FT users and black bears in the Juniper Prairie Wilderness. With proper Leave No Trace camping techniques, including the safe storage of food, these instances can be stopped. The safety of trail users and wildlife is a top priority. Canisters are available on a first-come, first-serve basis by calling (352) 685-0200. A fully refundable cash or check deposit is required at the time of rental. In the next few months additional canisters will be available at the Juniper Springs Recreation Area. Stay tuned!

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Show Notes:
+Florida Trail Association
+FTA E-Blaze Newsletter
+FTA Footprint Magazine
+@floridatrail on Instagram
+O2O Corridor
+The Sunshine State Seekers (Episode 13) recently wrote up a post about the Technical Skills Training that the FTA hosted back in September. You can check it out here.

24. Van ‘Nemo’ Tran | Community Outreach Manager FTA

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Show Notes:
+Florida Trail Association
+FTA E-Blaze Newsletter
+FTA Footprint Magazine
+@floridatrail on Instagram

23. Bryan Galvin & Heather Bolint | PlasTrek 2019

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Show Notes:
+PlasTrek 2019 at Plastic Symptoms
+Plastic Symptoms YouTube
+Plastic Symptoms on Facebook
+Plastic Symptoms on Twitter
+Plastic Symptoms on Instagram
+@forthechickens Heather’s Instagram

+Along the Coast: Blistered but fulfilled, friends finish PlasTrek 2019 in Tallahassee
+Trekkers dump plastic beach litter on steps of Old Capitol urging lawmakers to act
+2 People & An Extraordinary Clean Up Story
+Pair walks entire coast of Florida, picking up trash
+Environmental team walking throughout Florida, cleaning up beaches
+Nearly 3,000 pounds of plastic pollution dumped on steps of Florida Capitol building

+Call for Hiker Submissions: Perspectives From and For 2020 Hikers

22. Sean ‘Run Bum’ Blanton | Wild Florida 120

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Show Notes:
@RunBumTours on Instagram
Run Bum Tours website
Wild Florida 120 Signup
Wild Florida 120 YouTube Video

21. Keith Curry-Pochy

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Show Notes:
+@keithcurrypochy on Instagram
+Keith’s Flickr
+Audubon Field Guide to Florida
+Atlas of Florida’s Natural Heritage
+Tales of Old Florida
+The Last Butterflies: A Scientist’s Quest to Save a Rare and Vanishing Creature

20. Heather ‘BOT’ Housekeeper & Scott ‘Wise Man’ Weis

The Florida Trail from a botanical perspective with Heather Housekeeper and Scott Weis—we delve into a lot in this episode from learning edible and medical plants in an unfamiliar state, the graciousness of the Florida Trail Trail Angel experience, canine Trail Friends, and the subtle and mystical beauty found along the Florida Trail.

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Music: “Breathing” by Lee Rosevere

Show Notes:
+The Botanical Hiker website
+Green Deane
+Amos Moses by Jerry Reed
+Scott Weis Band

19. One Year Podcast-aversary!

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Show Notes:
+All Episodes So Far
+Florida Trail Association
+FTA E-Blaze Newsletter
+Florida Trail Hikers Alliance

18. Dale ‘Greybeard’ Sanders

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Show Notes:
+GreyBeard Adventurer
+GreyBeard Adventurer on Facebook
+An 82-year-old man hiked the entire Appalachian Trail. Then he danced a jig. via the Washington Post
+Meet Tennessee’s Grey Beard Adventurer via Southern Living Magazine
+An 82-Year-Old Broke the Appalachian Trail Age Record via Outside Magazine
+#190 The oldest person to paddle the Mississippi River via Mountain Meister Podcast

17. Melony ‘Stretch’ & Travis ‘RamboJuice’ LaCoss

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Music: “Breathing” by Lee Rosevere

Show Notes:
+HikerLore website
+HikerLore FT posts
+Hike Lore Knowledge Base, including info on stretching, trail games, etc.
+Why I Love My TinkleBelle by Stretch
+Hiker Lore on Facebook
+Hiker Lore on YouTube
+@hikerlore on Instagram

16. Josh ‘Pacecar’ Johnson

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Show Notes:
+Hike With Heart Josh’s website
+@hikewithheart on Instagram
+Josh’s Charity Hike Donation Page
+Josh’s articles on The Trek
+@officialhikewithheart on Facebook