89. Ocean to Lake Trail Beginnings | Sandra Friend

Sandra Friend, Florida Trail
Sandra Friend at Bronson State Forest, January 2020.

Today’s podcast guest is Sandra Friend, someone you all should know well by now! If by some chance you are new to the podcast and new to Florida hiking, well this is your lucky day and you caught the right podcast to listen to! Sandra Friend and her partner John Keatley are the folks behind Florida Hikes and much of the guidebooks related to Florida’s hiking trails out there in publication. John wasn’t able to be interviewed for this episode due to other life constraints but Sandra and I had a wonderful conversation. The primary purpose for our conversation was to talk about the development of the Ocean to Lake Trail in the early 2000s and her involvement in its beginnings. We pivot to her Florida Trail guide as well as her fiction writing, too.

As always, a conversation with Sandra is a great way to spend some time and I hope you’ll find as much value in her words as I do.

Music: “Breathing” by Lee Rosevere

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