77. The Hidden Appalachian Trail – The Green Tunnel Podcast | Mills Kelly

When the Green Tunnel Podcast debuted in late 2021 and I began listening to episodes, I quickly realized this was not your average hiking podcast. Mills Kelly and his team at R2 Studios at George Mason University have put together a stunning series of podcast episodes that rival some of the NPR-style podcasts out there. Covering history of the Appalachian Trail from Benton MacKaye to the Roller Coaster section of the trail and everything in between, every few weeks we get to learn in-depth history about the AT we may not have known. Mills and his team dig deep into the archives of the ATC and local trail club chapters to come up with their stories and as you’ll hear Mills say, it is easy to fall down rabbit holes to get new stories.

Music: “Breathing” by Lee Rosevere

Show Notes
+The Green Tunnel Podcast
+Appalachian Trail History.org
+Virginia’s Lost Appalachian Trail

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