0: Why The Florida Trail?

Welcome to the first episode of the podcast! In this short episode I introduce myself and talk a bit about the trail and where I see the podcast heading. Please check out the show notes below for more information and where you can find out how to hike the Florida Trail!

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Music: “Breathing” by Lee Rosevere

Show Notes

Introducing Orange Blaze: A Florida Trail Podcast

Orange Blaze Intro

A few months ago it came to me, how I could assist in getting more visibility for the Florida Trail to the general hiking community: a podcast. Having spent the last three years running The Garden Path Podcast I knew that another podcast was in my wheelhouse, it was something that I could actively do to support the trail since I don’t currently live in Florida. You can read a bit more
about me over here but if you hit subscribe and listen to the first two episodes that will debut in May 2018, you will hear more about why I created this podcast and about the thru-hike of the Florida Trail I did with my husband in 2011.

Subscriptions mean a lot to podcasts in helping the podcast be found by other listeners, so please hit subscribe in your podcatcher and later down the line, if you have enjoyed the episodes please leave a rating and review as well!

Enjoy listening and learning about the Florida Trail!