9: Angie ‘Shutterbug’ Vasquez | Girls Who Hike FL

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REMINDER: Ok, hikers! Here’s your chance to participate in an episode of the podcast. I would love to put together an episode for January, kicking off thru-hike season, with an episode of you, the hiker/listener. . What: a 1-3 minute snippet of you talking about your upcoming hike (of any length) on the FT, your love of the FT, or any favorite or interesting tidbit about your favorite section or trail or previous hike. You do not need to be a long distance hiker to participate. . Where: email me a voice memo to orangeblazepodcast at gmail or leave a message on my Google Voicemail 832 780 9819. . When: by December 17, 2018. . Helpful hints: write out what you want to say and practice it a couple of times before recording or calling. At the end of the message let me know how to contact you if there are any problems. That part won’t be in the episode. Feel free to share online handles for people to follow your hike if you want. And DM if you would like more information! . Hope your participate! . #floridatrail #longdistancehiking #thruhike #floridahikes #hikefl #junipersprings #juniperrun #ocalanationalforest #centralflorida #wildfl #trails50 #orangeblaze #naturalflorida #scenicflorida #hikingtrails #sheexplores #hikertrash #sleepinthedirt #paddleflorida

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Show Notes:
+GirlsWhoHikeFL Meetup Page
+Angie’s Instagram Account
+@GirlsWhoHikeFL on Instagram
+GHWFL Virtual Hike Challenge
+Excursions by Angel

8: Kelly ‘Frosty’ Fairbanks and Sean ‘Flattop’ Spence

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Show Notes:
+Kelly’s Instagram
+Kelly’s Facebook
+Kelly & Sean’s AirBnB
Florida Trail Closures:
Florida Hikes! Florida Trail Guide Update Newsletter
Florida Trail Association Newsletter
Florida Trail Association Closures List
Deceased Hiker Information:
Collier Deputies Release Video of Hiker Prior to Death
New Information on Hiker Who Died In Big Cypress National Preserve
Hiker Found Dead in Big Cypress

7A: Misti ‘Ridley’ and Chris ‘Panther’ Little


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Show Notes
Hey, it’s an episode with the show host and her husband! If you haven’t popped over to the about section of the podcast to find out more about our hike and the podcast you can read that here. Lots of good links in there in addition to the resources section where you can find links to the blog posts I wrote about our hike!

You can check out the second part to this episode here: Episode 7B

7B: Misti ‘Ridley’ and Chris ‘Panther’ Little

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The Senator, what was an estimated 3,500 year old bald cypress tree, in 2011 was a short detour off the Florida Trail in Big Tree Park. Unfortunately this tree burned down in January of 2012. I feel incredibly lucky to have seen it alive and would never have guessed it would be gone less than a year after we visited it. Lady Liberty, a slightly younger but still quite ancient bald cypress is still viewable at Big Tree Park as you pass by on your hike. . A new episode is out tomorrow! Stay tuned! . #bigtreepark #longwoodfl #exploreflorida #findyourtrail #goatworthy #exploretheoutdoors #podcastsofinstagram #orangeblaze #floridatrail #floridahikingsyndicate #floridaliving #baldcypress #hikersofinstagram #hikeflorida

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Show Notes
See Episode 7A for the first part of this episode!

6: Amanda ‘Coldilawks’ Kincaid

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Show Notes
+The Granite Gear Groundskeepers
+Summer 2018 Issue of the Footprint Magazine: The write-up with Amanda is on page 26.

5: Abraham ‘Beast’ Christian | Rice Creek Section Leader of the Black Bear Chapter of the FTA

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Show Notes
+Black Bear Chapter of the Florida Trail Association
+Rice Creek Section Website
+Abe’s Volunteer Spotlight in the Footprint magazine
+John Weary In Memorium
+John Weary Trail Worker Award Winners

4: Madeleine ‘Suwannee Princess’ Pinaire

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Show Notes
+Madeleine’s Artist Website
+@m.pinaire on Instagram
+Finding Cross Creek: Madeleine’s Running Blog
+Finding Home: Madeleine’s article in the Footprint on page 23.

3: Sandra ‘Navigator’ Friend & John ‘JK’ Keatley | Florida Hikes

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Show Notes
Florida Hikes
About Florida Hikes
Sandra’s Website
Sandra’s Books — and John has had a hand in a few of them!
Florida Trail Hikers Alliance
Watula Press
@FloridaHikes on Instagram
@florida_trail_hikers_alliance on Instagram
@TrailsandTravel on Instagram
Florida Hikes on Facebook
Florida Trail Hikers Facebook Group

2: James ‘Jupiter’ Hoher

28d 10h 00m, is the new Florida Trail self-supported speed record. This was way harder than I thought it would be. Although my overall average was 39mpd I realized halfway through I was off pace by a couple days, so the second half of this hike I don't think my milage dipped below 40 more than once and routinely reached 50. Trail conditions were seriously in my favor all the way south, and aside from getting sick 3 days in, I couldn't ask for a different journey. The florida trail was incredible, and I look forward to walking it again. Maybe next time much slower. — I'm tired, my feet are destroyed, and I've now on a different note walked 4,600 miles from Quebec, Canada. Not sure how I'll finish my last 200 towards Key West to complete the Eastern Continental Trail. #floridatrail

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Show Notes
+@JupiterHikes on Instagram
+Jupiter Hikes on Facebook
+Jupiter Hikes Blog
+Jupiter Hikes on YouTube
+Fastest Known Times on the Florida Trail
+This Jupiter millennial walked 4,800 miles from Quebec to Key West via the Palm Beach Post
+Never Came Back w/Jupiter on the Routes Podcast

1: Jim Kern | Founder of the Florida Trail

You can’t start a Florida Trail podcast without involving the Florida Trail founder, Jim Kern. I was grateful to have Jim agree to come on the podcast as my first guest to talk about founding the Florida Trail and what hiking was like in the state back in the 1960s. We covered other topics such as what he believes it will take to fully protect the Florida Trail as well as other National Scenic Trails that aren’t fully protected—read: that’s all of them other than the Appalachian and Arizona NSTs. Be sure to check out the links to the other organizations Jim has founded and to review some of the videos and YouTube channels in the show notes for more information about Jim and what he’s doing to work to protect the Florida Trail.

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Show Notes: