73. Explore – Wander – Live – The HIKE Podcast | Lori Prima

When I launched the podcast I had no idea how many people I would connect with via podcast interviews and social media, muchless the other podcasters within the hiking world. Lori Prima is one of those delightful people I’ve gotten to know a little bit and she’s been kind enough to have me on two episodes of her podcast over the years. I thought it was high time I reciprocated and invited Lori on to talk about what her podcast has to offer, and with nearly 200 episodes covering hikers from all walks of life and trails, there is bound to be something for you to listen to on your own hikes in there.

Music: “Breathing” by Lee Rosevere

Show Notes
+The HIKE Podcast
+HIKE Podcast Linktree
+@thehikepodcast on Instagram
+Support Lori and buy her a coffee!

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